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EvaClean Infection Prevention and Control Program

The EvaClean Infection Prevention and Control Program is a fully integrated, touchless sanitizing and disinfection solution that combines the power and efficiency of the Protexus cordless electrostatic spraying technology with PURTABS (EPA registered) disinfectants, sanitizers and bleach alternatives that meet high standards for efficacy, safety, value, and sustainability.

By combining both the technology and chemistries into one complete solutions package, EvaClean allows workers and infection prevention experts to standardize their processes and eliminate many of the training and education challenges faced in programs that still use mops, buckets, wipes, rags, and spray bottles with a multitude of chemistries each with their own unique usage guidelines, dwell times, and safety procedures. The EvaClean Program optimizes workflow, simplifies training, and reduces costs, while delivering more predictable and repeatable results that greatly exceed those of current disinfection and sanitizing programs.

Only PURTABS or other EarthSafe approved products (including those that are a part of the EvaClean Program) have been tested, verified, and measured to achieve repeatable results, based on application and dwell times. EarthSafe makes no warranties or representations regarding products that are not part of the EvaClean Program.

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