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Professional carpet & upholstery cleaning machines

Experience super fast drying times, outstanding results and enjoy cleaning carpets & upholstery with our state of the art, professional carpet cleaning machines.

Experience super fast drying times, outstanding results and enjoy cleaning carpets & upholstery with our state of the art,  professional carpet cleaning machines.

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HT030s Auto Sensor Tank € 1.992,29 € 1.646,52 (EX VAT) each Choose options
TC150 Rotary € 1.535,49 € 1.269,00 (EX VAT) each Choose options
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Minitex Hand Held Rotary Machine € 832,72 € 688,20 (EX VAT) each Choose options
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Helpful buying tips for professional carpet cleaning machines.

What PSI pump do I need?

There’s a big myth in our industry around high PSI (pounds per square inch) pumps, in professional carpet cleaning machines with many claiming you need high PSI in order to clean carpets, Why? The truth is, you don’t, it’s just marketing.

The purpose of a hot water extraction machines is to rinse the soil and the resoling cleaning fluid out of the carpet. What is more important is rinsing flow. Good rinsing flow at the tool end will recover more efficiently leading to fewer wand passes and quicker drying times.
When working at distance or height with extension hoses and your machine is downstairs or outside, flow performance at the tool rinsing end can be dramatically reduced hence why there has been a trend to fit excessively high-pressure pumps to try and combat this problem. 

Texatherm have cured this problem by developing the industry’s first automatically adjusting digitally controlled flow system to be fitted to a professional carpet cleaning machine. Now we can guarantee instant correct flow at the tool end. No longer do we need to apply excessive pressures to get over lift and distance problems that our competitors experience which results in them having to fit these excessive high-pressure pumps.

The EMV is fitted with a 250-psi pump. Our 1000 + clients run EMV’s with its enhanced digitally controlled rinsing flow, they adjust their pressure down and extract at between 80 – 100psi achieving phenomenal results and industry leading natural dry times, without the risk of over wetting the backings or any loss of performance.

Carpets can be cleaned with enhanced flow but much lower pressures leading to less moisture and enhanced dry times. Working at lower pressures does not compromise the quality of clean. This also means our clients are not having to regularly buy replacement pumps because of back pressure issues.

What Vacuums do I need?

In order to recover the suspended soil and chemical as efficiently as possible you should always make sure your machine is fully optimised to deliver the best airflow possible.  Vacuum and airflow often get confused in our industry as the same thing, when they’re actually completely different.  

If you’re looking at a professional carpet cleaning machine with 1 vacuum you may be finding yourself having to carry the machine upstairs as your air flow and recovery performance  will be reduced when running extension hoses. We’d always recommend a dual vacuum carpet cleaning machine creating high air flow, increased recovery performance, ease of access and cleaning.

Instead of using off the shelf 6.6 vacuums, all EMV machines run a bespoke dual vacuum system as standard. Each vacuum has been specifically wound to our specifications, taking into account our airflow paths, in order to maximise the airflow for the most efficient rinse possible.

Do I need a professional carpet cleaning machine with heat?

Yes, the cleaning method used with these machines is called ‘hot water extraction’. Although there are cold water rinse machines available out there you will always get a better result with a hot water rinse.

Carpet cleaning is all about altering surface tension in order to release soil, heat dramatically helps loosen surface tension where as cold does the opposite and tightens it.

The chemicals we use as professionals are major factor in altering surface tension but combining the chemical with a hot water rinse is unrivaled when it comes to hot water extraction.

All EMV’s are fitted as standard with a Texatherm bespoke 3000 watt, 316 stainless steel, duo circuit heating element for fast heating and reliability.